iPipet is a benchtop tool to track the transfer of samples and reagents by illuminating 96 and 384 well plates on a tablet computer.

 Upload a new design: a CSV file with pipetting instructions

Browse shared designs or upload your own:

File MUST be in CSV format with the following columns  (brackets represent optional fields):
source_plate, source_well, destination_plate, destination_well, [volume], [info]

Select multi-channel to light up 8 wells simultaneously.
Your CSV file must be formatted accordingly.

Remember to format your CSV file according to plate type.

An email with your link and instructions will be sent to this address. We will NOT share or use your email for any other purposes.

If you use iPipet please cite the paper in any published work:
Zielinski D, Gordon A, Zaks BL, Erlich Y. iPipet: sample handling using a tablet. Nat Methods. 2014 Jul 30;11(8):784-5.
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